4.6 stars, 728 reviews on Amazon

Shipping in August

For children, adults, and everyone in between. Cause we all need help finding calm sometimes.


4.6 stars, 728 reviews on Amazon

For children, adults, and everyone in between. Cause we all need help finding calm sometimes.

Shipping in August

Dynamic heartbeat that changes with emotions

Sensors that respond to touch & fidgeting

Gentle, soothing purr

Ultra-soft fur

Screen-free play & comfort

Custom-dyed fabric: no two are alike

What people are saying about Purrble

“My son has sensory processing disorder. I’ve tried a million products, so I have everything under the sun. We’ve found that Purrble has helped. He’ll cuddle up with him especially at night...the purring aspect makes him seem super real and the little noises he makes. I think it makes my son feel like he’s not alone. It’s kind of a modern security blanket.

- Parent of 3 year old

“I get anxiety attacks and panic attacks and sometimes couldn’t breathe properly. I held Purrble close to my chest and started breathing with it. When it started to purr, that was like a relief. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is struggling with panic attacks, anxiety, trouble falling asleep. It’s perfect for younger kids, but then students too. Really anyone that is stressed or struggling with anxiety.”

- 20 year old

“When she’s in the middle of a tantrum, I’ll say, ‘Sophie, it’s time to get Purrble.’ Her calm state after playing with Purrble was more calm than usual.”

- Parent of 6 year old

Backed by research

Purrble is the first of its kind - a research-based tool, disguised as a cuddly companion. Studies show that we can learn to calm ourselves by calming someone else. Preliminary research conducted with real families showed that:


of parents reported that their child experienced challenges with emotions, concentration, and behavior during COVID.


of those parents reported that Purrble played a role in improving their child's emotions, concentration, and behavior.