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Purrble will ship in July 2021. For while you wait, we've designed an extra special treat for the whole family - digital monthly installments of Purrble's Extraordinary Adventure and a limited edition sticker sheet!

Limited Edition Pre-Order Stickers

When you place your pre-order, we'll send you a limited edition sticker sheet. With each unfolding chapter of Purrble's story, children will learn new emotion regulation skills. Each sticker depicts one of these special learning moments to help kids learn about managing big emotions as they wait for Purrble to arrive!


You need a break too.

When your kids are stressed, so are you. Purrble transforms battles and tantrums into moments of calm.

Let Purrble help.

Studies show that kids can learn to calm themselves by calming others. By soothing Purrble, kids learn how to self-soothe when big emotions bubble up.

Illustration of a child petting Purrble

Purrble's heart beats quickly.

Illustration of a child petting Purrble

Kids comfort and pet Purrble, slowing the heartbeat.

Illustration of a child petting Purrble

Purrble purrs when calm.

 It hasn't even been a full 24 hours and Cameron is happily giving him a tour of our house and introducing him to his other stuffed animals.

I can already sense that he is exuding calm to keep his little furry friend calm.

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Pre-Order Purrble Today

  • Vibrational heartbeat and soothing purr
  • Dynamic heart rate changes with Purrble's emotions
  • 9 sensors that respond to touch and fidgeting
  • 2 AA batteries included
  • Soft plush
  • Ages 3-103

Pre-order today to receive:

✨ Limited Edition Sticker Sheet
📚 Monthly installments of Purrble's story!

Purrble will ship in July 2021.


A special bond straight out of the box.

Purrble packaging

Purrble is designed to be discovered by children, allowing them to build a special bond. Purrble arrives in a "live animal" box as a gift from Dr. Pita Treebury - a scientist who needs help taking care of the Purrbles.

Turn Purrble on, place the box on your doorstep, and ring the bell - or hide the box in your child's bedroom. Enjoy as they discover their new cuddly companion!

Born from research.

Purrble was developed through a rich research process, studying the behavior mechanisms that underpin fidgeting and how engaging gameplay can help children focus, calm down, and manage big emotions. Preliminary research conducted with real families during COVID showed that:


of parents reported that their child is experiencing challenges with emotions, concentration, and behavior during COVID.


of those parents reported that Purrble played a role in improving their child's emotions, concentration, and behavior.

Calm kids, better days. 

  • moods.
  • quarantines.
  • bedtime routines.
  • virtual classrooms.

Calm kids, better 


  • moods.
  • quarantines.
  • bedtime routines.
  • virtual classrooms.

Purrble is the result of a collaboration between the Committee for Children, a 40-year-old nonprofit and global leader in social-emotional learning, and Sproutel, a play-focused research and development studio.

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